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Stephen Hawking warns humans could be ‘superseded’ by supercomputers +++

Australian Prime Minister Fears Nuclear Strike From North Korea +++

#First100Days: Trump Has Taken Measures to Put US ‚Much Closer to War‘ +++

Pyongyang seeks ASEAN’s help to avert ‘nuclear holocaust’ as Trump warns of ‘major conflict’ +++

Trump expects Seoul to pay for THAAD, complains Saudis take unfair advantage of US protection +++

Chinese military apologizes for badly photoshopped Navy pic after online scorn +++

Huge Blast Erupts in Damascus Airport Area, Reasons Unknown – Reports +++

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Calls US Attack on Syria ‚Unacceptable‘ +++

Teenage cyberhacker-for-hire jailed for masterminding global attacks on Sony, Microsoft +++

‘Like being accused of murder while victim is alive’: Orban fights accusations over Soros university +++

US to launch Minuteman III ICBM to show ‘nuclear capabilities’ amid N. Korea tensions +++

Kim Dotcom asks New Zealand police to grill FBI chief over ‘data theft’ +++

ISIS Strategy Seeks to Create Wedges in Europe +++

Death Toll in Venezuela’s Unrest Rises to 26 +++

‚Go to Pakistan‘: Elderly Muslim man bullied by youths on Delhi subway +++

11yo amputee dies after ‘numerous beatings’ at Islamic school in Malaysia +++

Campuses Turn Against Free Speech, Open the Door to Thuggery +++

US preparing to ‚EVACUATE 230,000 Americans from South Korea‘ +++

US Navy guided-missile sub calls in South Korea +++

EIGHT DAYS TO NUCLEAR STRIKE: North Korea REFUSES to back down after failed missile +++

Bomb attack hits US base in Afghanistan as Defense Sec Mattis visits Kabul, casualties reported +++

Trump’s presidential approval rating within first 100 days in office lowest since 1945 +++

German cop faces CRIMINAL CHARGES for calling Angela Merkel ‚INSANE‘ +++

No wonder they wanted us to stay! UK leaving EU without deal ‚would cost Germany BILLIONS‘ +++

RIOTS IN PARIS: Anti-fascists fight armed police after French Election results announced +++

Le Pen, Macron Leading in French Presidential Vote – First Data

  • Marcon  23,7 %

  •  Le Pen  21,7 %

Madame Frexit set for triumph after Paris terror attack: Marine Le Pen is poised for a historic breakthrough in France’s nail-biting presidential race  +++

Polls open for 1st round of French presidential elections +++

Why France’s Presidential Vote Will Surprise You +++

Pence Says United States Will Honor Refugee Deal With Australia

Russian Troops Kill Two Islamic State-Trained Militants, Says Anti-Terror Committee +++

Florida Wildfires Force Evacuations, Destroy Homes +++

ISIS ‘essentially moved’ its Syria HQ from Raqqa to Deir ez-Zor province – report +++

Passengers flee in panic as knife-wielding man is tackled by police at Paris‘ Gare du Nord Eurostar terminal just days after terror attack rocked France +++

America Is Under Attack By These 187 Groups Funded By George Soros +++

Le Pen demands closure of all Islamist mosques after attack +++

French Election: ‘CIVIL WAR’ could break out after election, warns Marine Le Pen advisor +++

Marine Le Pen vows to let THE PEOPLE decide if they want to stay with failing Euro +++

UN commission on Syria not ruling out various sources of ‘chemical agent release’ in Idlib +++

North Korea warns China of ‘CATASTROPHIC CONSEQUENCES’ if it continues economic sanctions +++

Paris attack: Terror probe as police officer shot dead by gunman +++

Paris shooting: Live updates +++

Paris gunman who killed police officer known to security forces, source says +++

‘We are under ATTACK’ US faces ‘highest homegrown terror threat in years’, Secretary warns +++


France steps up security around election as terror attack fears rise +++

Macron faces uncertain first round as French election hopefuls vie for last votes +++

Brexit roulette: European papers call May’s snap election shrewd but a ‘gamble’ +++

‘Iran complies with nuclear deal but sponsors terrorism’ – Tillerson on Trump’s review order +++

Bomb parts, AK-74 & ammo seized as 2 terrorist suspects ‘neutralized’ in Russia – FSB (VIDEO) +++

Kosovo’s Cover-Up of Ethnic Cleansing of Serbian Christian Minority Continues +++


ABC reporter calls bullsh*t on Sean Spicer’s audit spin: Trump ‘is never going to release his tax returns’ +++

LIVE White House: No red lines expected on North Korea +++

Tear gas & smoke grenades as police face off with protesters ahead of Le Pen rally (PHOTO, VIDEO) +++

Pakistani Nationals Arrested for Holding Migrants Hostage +++

Theresa May to quit in MONTHS? Shock claim PM will step down after Brexit concludes +++

BREAKING: Plane crashes into supermarket car park in Portugal – aircraft EXPLODES mid air +++

FBI documents detail how the Russians try to recruit spies +++

Prince Harry: ‚Total chaos‘ after Diana’s death +++

Opponents of referendum result expected to protest across country +++

Scheduled to die in Arkansas: Does mental competence matter? +++

Arizona mall shooting: Two killed, one injured in apparent murder-suicide +++

Cleveland police: Suspect in Facebook homicide video might be out of Ohio +++

US Vice President Pence visits DMZ amid high tensions with North Korea +++

Israeli security thwarts 2,200 attacks, arrests 400 after monitoring social media +++


Marine Le Pen will destroy the EU establishment and will liberate Europe +++

Erdogan-2029? ‚Yes’ camp claims narrow victory in Turkey’s referendum to expand president’s powers +++

Turkey’s Erdogan Celebrates Victory as Count Points to Tight Win +++

‘We have no choice’: Trump justifies US strikes, military buildup & posturing +++

Russia could help ‘relieve Syrians of tyranny,’ join US-led coalition – UK’s Boris Johnson +++

London man wrestles & disarms knife attacker on bus (VIDEO) +++

London’s police failing to cope with soaring gun & knife violence +++

British woman stabbed to death by Palestinian in Jerusalem on Good Friday +++

ISIS launches 2nd chemical attack in Mosul in 2 days, injures 6 Iraqi soldiers +++

Fear Grips Communities as MS-13 Gang Proliferates +++

Easter Weekend Carnage in Chicago: 29 People Shot in Less Than 18 Hours +++

‘US mega-bomb usability limited, but makes dramatic show of force to Syria, N. Korea & Russia’ +++




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