Founding declaration: cartel against § 63 Penal Code!

By behoerdenstress13

P1090181 (2) Para

§ 63
Placement in a psychiatric hospital
Does anyone have an unlawful act in a state of Insanity (§ 20) or the diminished criminal responsibility (§ 21) committed, the court shall order the placement in a psychiatric hospital, if the total assessment of the perpetrator and his act shows that from him as a result of its condition serious unlawful acts are to be expected and it is dangerous to the public why.

On September 15, 2015, the Kartell1 founded to § 63rd
All who have come together in the cartel, agree to the following:
We are determined, we actively promote the abolition of § 63 of the Criminal Code to use, because it is wrong. On November 24, 1933 Act “as if” version of law created as part of the arbitrariness of a diagnosis of morbid guilt inability simultaneous danger has become obvious, ranging from diagnoses as death sentences of 1939-1948 over the Rosenhan experiment similar to that of Armin Nack, Presiding Judge at the Federal Court was highly praised opinion of the lay actor Gert Postel, the contradictory assessment results of Frank Schmökel and Anders Behring Breivik, to the current scandals involving gustl mollath, Ilona Haslbauer, Ulvi Kulac.

Two features of the operation of § 63 in forensic psychiatry:
• Arbitrary and prolonged detention regularly than in a comparable offense in rule enforcement
• Forced injury from forced psychiatric treatment.
The UN Special Rapporteur on Torture and Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment, Juan Méndez, has “absolutely Ban” demanded any coercive treatment legitimizing legislation since 2013 a. Forced Government to erduldender assault by law is facing the death penalty as a sanction of criminal law sharpest.

Allen participants in the cartel is aware that § 63 previously held contrary to human rights in the German legal doctrine of an iron law and considered by the Constitutional Court for constitutional. We are guided by the CRPD (BRK) and the absolute prohibition of torture. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has instead made it clear that the § 63 with the BRK as international treaty incompatible ist.2 We recall that Article 1 (2) of the Basic Law, the Federal Republic of Germany is committed to compliance with the BRK.

The prohibition of torture is the deeper reason that the Constitutional Court has declared the application des§ 81 Code of Criminal Procedure on 9.10.2001 inadmissible. All participants in the cartel are therefore sticking in a first step the aim of ensuring that similar to § 126 Code of Criminal Procedure is declared by the Federal Constitutional Court was incompatible with the Basic Law.

This would make it possible each accused to refuse an investigation on Insanity successfully. The view that an accused person rule should be advised to refuse this investigation will find our opinion, in the criminal defending advocate broad support and then get around in the population. Thus, the § 63 would thus undermined, that the legislature only can draw the only correct conclusion:

The abolition of § 63 of the Criminal Code
In order to document that we are in agreement with the organizations concerned, the publications of the cartel to be published jointly by the Federation and the Federal Association of Psychiatric Survivors. You are responsible press law of the forensics officer.

Other persons may join the cartel, as long as none of the founding members of a veto against it is inserted.

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: Founding declaration: cartel against § 63 Penal Code!