Germany: 20-year-old Afghan man arrested after serious sexual abuse of a child!


Joint press release of the police headquarters of Lower Franconia and the public prosecutor’s office of Würzburg from 20.11.2017

LOHR AM MAIN, LKR. MAIN SPESSART. A 20-year-old Afghan national is strongly suspected of sexually abusing a minor on Tuesday. At the request of the prosecutor Würzburg warrants were issued against the accused. Criminal police officials arrested the suspect on Friday morning in Lohr am Main.

According to the current state of investigation, the 20-year-old from Neustadt am Main and the 13-year-old girl from the district of Main-Spessart in Lohr have stayed in a park. In the afternoon, the accused then committed sexual acts on the girl. According to current findings, the 20-year-old had previously bought alcohol and apparently also consumed with the minors together. The girl then asked relatives via mobile phone for help, which finally picked up the 13-year-old and brought to the police.

The public prosecutor’s office Würzburg requested arrest warrant because of the urgent suspicion of the heavy sexual abuse of a child against the 20-year-olds. He was arrested on Friday morning by officers of the Würzburg police in Lohr am Main. At the request of the prosecutor, the young man was presented to the investigating judge the same day. He maintained the already existing arrest warrant. The suspect was taken to a correctional facility. The further investigation leads the Kripo Würzburg in close coordination with the public prosecutor’s office Würzburg.